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Announced! TrivWorks Welcomes Comedian Angela Cobb as Newest Event Host

NYC trivia host Angela Cobb
We are thrilled to announce that comedian Angela Cobb has joined TrivWorks as a trivia host for corporate events in NYC and beyond!

One of New York’s most-talked about up-and-coming comedians, Angela Cobb’s nonchalant wit and self-deprecating charm make her a favorite among diverse comedy audiences in the Big Apple. A familiar […]

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Corporate Event Pricing: Do You Love Your Staff as Much as a Subway Swipe?

NYC corporate entertainment pricing
I wrote a couple of years ago of an incident whereby a prospective client turned down my services in favor of a 2-hour corporate entertainment activity in NYC for 100 people, which cost $250 total. As described in that post, when you do the math that works out to a princely […]

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Team Building for Competitive Groups: What’s The Secret?

Competitive team building activities NYC
I’ve been in this business a long time, and I’ve heard it all from prospective clients when they make their inquiries:

My group is really smart
My group is introverted
My group knows each other intimately well
My group doesn’t know each other at all

But here’s one that I seem to get the most, […]

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Corporate Event Entertainment: Do You Want Audience Engagement, or a Show?

NYC engaging event entertainment
I’ve written about this topic ever since I started blogging 4+ years ago. As a producer of engaging corporate event entertainment in NYC specializing in live customized trivia, I know firsthand the value of creating audience-centric experiences for employees, clients and loyal brand enthusiasts to enjoy. But what does that REALLY […]

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Why Do You Want an Employee Team Building Activity?

Reasons for an employee team building activity
So you (or your boss) decide you want to do something for the team. That’s great!

Of course I’ll say that, you’re thinking – after all, I own a company specializing in fun team building activities in New York City. But why do YOU want to do it? It’s […]

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6 Hacks for Minimizing Your Corporate Entertainment Venue Expenses

Corporate entertainment in NYC venues
This one’s come up a lot lately. I’ll get an inquiry for corporate party entertainment in New York City, only there’s a catch: the budget is low, and I need to stretch it enough to pay for EVERYTHING. The venue is nearly always the single largest expense, and once that’s […]

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Announced! Comedian Eliot Glazer Joins TrivWorks as “Special Host”

NYC trivia host Eliot Glazer
We are delighted to announce that comedian Eliot Glazer has joined TrivWorks as our newest “Special Host!”

Instantly recognizable to New Yorkers from his viral video “Sh*t New Yorkers Say,” Eliot is a UCB-trained writer and performer who currently serves as a staff writer on Darren Star’s new TV Land series, […]

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Why It’s Not Okay to Steal My Tweets

Corporate entertainment emcee NYC
This post has been simmering in the back of my mind for a while now, and I’ve never seen any articles addressing this topic – so I think it’s time to finally let it out.

Since 2009, my company, TrivWorks – which produces creative team building activities for adults in NYC and […]

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Is Workplace Rudeness on the Rise?

Rudeness in the workplace
As a small business owner, most of the people I interact with on a regular basis – loyal, new & prospective clients, strategic partners, other vendors/service providers, staff, venues, etc. – are wonderful. However, being treated rudely by some folks is an unavoidable thing, especially those whom I have no previous […]

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Interrupting: The Biggest Workplace Morale Killer

NYC team building for low morale
I read an article last week in The New York Times, and it’s been on my mind all weekend – enough that I’m writing about it now. It’s about a lawsuit by a former employee at a venture capital firm, ostensibly about gender discrimination – more specifically, it’s about […]

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Does Your Team Have a Communication Issue?

NYC team building outings
I received an Email inquiry earlier this week – the subject line was, “Time Sensitive Corporate Team Building Outing NYC.” Naturally, I wrote back immediately.

No reply.

I sent a follow-up Email a few hours later – still, no reply.

I tried calling the phone number provided. No answer, AND…

Voicemail box was full.

I finally […]

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Case Study: Channeling Workplace Frustration Into a Morale Boost

Corporate morale boosting NYC
I got very frustrated yesterday. About 2 weeks ago, I was stuck in jury duty from 8am-5pm – in case you haven’t enjoyed this experience before, you basically sit in a gigantic room with a few hundred other suckers, from which you can’t leave save for an hour during lunch. Fortunately […]

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Trust Exercise vs. Team Building Activity – Is There a Difference?

NYC team building trust exercises
I have two young children, ages 1½ and 3, which means I get to watch the Disney movie Frozen more often than I’d like (far, FAR more often). By this point I can pretty much recite the entire film verbatim, but while watching for the umpteenth time recently I noticed […]

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Recap: Christian Finnegan Has PageGroup’s Team in Stitches Hosting Trivia Event

NYC trivia host Christian Finnegan
Yesterday, in the midst of a crippling snowstorm, TrivWorks had the pleasure of producing a corporate trivia event in NYC hosted by comedian Christian Finnegan, whom we announced as a “Special Host” last year. The client, Michael Page (PageGroup), had sent a group of top performers from around the country/globe […]

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Case Study: How Brands Are Successfully Taking Advantage of #WorldPeacein5Words

At 10am EST today, TrivWorks kicked off our weekly hashtag game with Twitter friends @TheHashtagGame. It’s just a fun little something we do to keep our online audience entertained, and started innocently enough:
It’s our weekly game w/ @TheHashtagGame! Big speech in Washington, DC today so let’s play #WorldPeaceIn5Words! We’ll RT the best…GO!

— TrivWorks (@TrivWorks) […]

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