News! TrivWorks to Present at Long Beach Comic Expo (Long Beach, CA)

Long Beach CA Trivia Company
Some exciting news to share! This weekend, TrivWorks has been invited to participate in the Long Beach Comic Expo – a major convention celebrating all things pop culture, to be held at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in downtown Long Beach, California!

On Saturday, February 18th TrivWorks founder & […]

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Corporate Party Activity a Surprise

Corporate party entertainment Southern California
Every time I conduct a customization call with a client for their upcoming company trivia party in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego or anywhere else, I always ask the same series of questions. It’s a proven method I’ve developed and refined over the past eight years I’ve […]

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Where Did the Name “TrivWorks” Come From?

Trivia company New York City
In six years of blogging, I’m not sure if I’ve ever addressed this particular topic directly – so here it goes.

Very often I’ll be skimming through a service I subscribe to called HARO, which stands for “Help a Reporter Out.” I used to work in public relations before going into […]

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Case Study: Conference Entertainment – Aboard a Chartered Yacht!

Conference entertainment activities San Diego
This week, I was fortunate enough to participate in something really, really cool: a conference entertainment event in San Diego, aboard a massive luxury chartered Hornblower cruise ship!

This is actually something I’ve had in mind to do for quite a while, and I’m thrilled I was actually able to see […]

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Case Study: Pulling Off a Last-Minute Corporate Entertainment Event

Los Angeles corporate trivia party
On Monday afternoon this past week, as I was working in my office in Long Beach, California, my phone rang. It was somebody inquiring about company party entertainment in Southern California, specifically looking for a trivia company in Los Angeles specializing in corporate events to entertain about 200 employees.

“You’re in […]

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The Delicate Art of Corporate Event Customization

Customized corporate party entertainment
When it comes to entertaining corporate groups in Southern California, New York City and everywhere in between, every office, every department and every team is different. As a vendor of such services, I deal with all types. Sometimes the person who reaches out to me with the initial inquiry is the […]

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Corporate Team Building: Structured Fun, or Just…Fun?

Fun group bonding activities NYC
For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve gone to Sammy’s Roumanian Steakhouse on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. For those of you not familiar, Sammy’s isn’t just a steakhouse – it’s an experience. First of all, it’s not really “Roumanian” – it’s actually a Jewish steakhouse, if […]

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A Corporate Trivia Event Producer’s Biggest Job: Making It Easy for Everybody

Corporate trivia parties
This past week, TrivWorks put on a big trivia party for a corporate group in Manhattan. The client was a MAJOR global philanthropy, and wanted to kick of 2017 on the right foot by throwing a raucous, laugh-filled experience for all 160 of their employees, who work so hard to achieve the […]

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Event Entertainment Case Study: What Good is a Great Product Without Great Service?

Corporate entertainment companies NYC
I love movies. My wife, kids and I enjoy going to the movie theater, as well as participating in “family movie night” where we cram onto the couch together for an evening in (I make excellent popcorn – one of my very few culinary feats).

So it seemed natural that I would […]

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TrivWorks: Looking Ahead Towards 2017 & Beyond

Corporate theme parties trivia
Today is my daughter’s fifth birthday. Eagle-eyed readers of this blog will notice that exactly five years ago this month, I also took the plunge of taking TrivWorks, my trivia company for corporate events, from a part-time side gig to my full-time job (read more here).

Needless to say, I’ve had a […]

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Introducing: TrivWorks’ Mission Statement

Corporate trivia company
As 2016 draws to a close, I have been reflecting deeply upon just what it is that I want for the year ahead: for my company, for my clients, for my colleagues, and for me, personally. A huge part of this introspection has been not only visualizing where I want to go, […]

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A Day in the Life of TrivWorks’ Founder & CEO

Trivia hosting corporate events NYC
Today is a special day for me. Exactly five years ago on this date, I left the security and stability of employment at a nonprofit organization, in order to take TrivWorks full-time.

It was both an exhilarating and terrifying time. Up until that point I had, for the previous six years, […]

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10 Tips for Keeping Your Event Safe

Corporate entertainment event safety
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with safety. I can’t tell you why, only that for whatever reason, I’ve got highly refined protective instincts.

My friends and family have even come up with a nickname for me: “Safety Dave.”

What makes me Safety Dave? I’m always on the lookout […]

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Does it Matter if Your Employees Never Interact with Each Other?

NYC Group Bonding Ideas
My path to becoming a corporate events professional specializing in trivia team building activities in New York City was anything but straight. People who know me well know this, and I’ve written about it many times here on my blog over the years. I never had any focus or direction growing […]

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Corporate Party Entertainment: How Much is Too Much?

Corporate trivia party Los Angeles
I attended a bar mitzvah recently. I hadn’t been to one in years – in fact, I can probably count on one hand the number I’ve attended over the past two decades. So I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I got there.

It was absolutely amazing.

I mean, awesome. My […]

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