TrivWorks Founder Confessions: Why Did I Start My Own Business?

Corporate team building company NYC
I typically use this blog to publish articles and resources which I think would be helpful to event planners, whether they are seeking to produce group bonding activities in New York City, corporate party entertainment, conference/meeting breaks, holiday party entertainment or any similar event. However, occasionally I like to delve […]

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I’ve Never Planned a Team Building Event Before – What Do I Do?

Team building activities Long Beach California
Here’s something which has cropped up a lot recently, enough that I’ve decided to write a blog post about it. Somebody calls me up, seeking information about producing corporate group bonding events Long Beach or elsewhere. But before I can even get into describing our services, they tack on, […]

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10 Steps to a Successful Fall Corporate Party in NYC

Corporate party entertainment Manhattan
Fall is here, and personally, it’s my favorite season. The weather is crisp, the new school year has begun, and the 4th quarter is now underway. It’s also the perfect time to throw an office party in New York City – summer’s over, so you won’t lose people to vacations, and […]

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The Value of a Positive Shared Experience

Southern California corporate entertainment activities
I’ve been a California resident for over two months now, having relocated with my family out to Long Beach to establish TrivWorks’ West Coast presence and expand our offerings to Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and basically everywhere along the Pacific. My wife and I have two small children, […]

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A Response to Mike Birbiglia’s “6 Tips for Making It Small in Hollywood. Or Anywhere.”

Corporate team building professional NYC
Last week, The New York Times published a piece by Mike Birbiglia which received a lot of attention: “6 Tips for Making It Small in Hollywood. Or Anywhere.” I confess, I had no idea who he was, other than the brief bio in the piece (he’s a comedian/actor/writer/director) and that […]

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Workplace Demoralization: The Silent Revenue Killer

Team building morale booster Southern California
Years ago, before I started my own business, I was working at a large company with many employees. My department had no department head, as it were; the position had been vacant for three years prior to my arrival, and the vice president of the entire organization had been […]

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Announced! 9/10 TrivWorks Trivia at 90sFest NYC, Hosted by Micah Jesse

90sFest 2016 New York City
Some exciting news to share! Following a hugely successful run last year, 90sFest – the ultimate celebration of all things 90s pop culture – is returning to NYC, and TrivWorks shall once again be on-hand with fun 90s-themed trivia for the audience!

On Saturday, September 10th, join other enthusiasts of the […]

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How Long Should My Corporate Entertainment Activity Last?

Corporate entertainment activities New York City
You’ve booked your venue, selected a great activity for your group, and are ready to hit “Send” on the invitation distribution list. However, one important decision remains: how long should this thing go for?

This is one of those event planning questions which doesn’t come up immediately, but rather tends […]

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5 Tips for Selecting a Southern California Corporate Entertainment Venue

Southern California corporate entertainment venues
I lost a gig earlier this month. Actually, “lost” is a bit extreme, since I never actually booked it – “lost out on” might be a more appropriate description. A prospective client called me up, and was seeking to throw a party intended for entertaining employees in Los Angeles. She […]

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A Great Summer for TrivWorks “Special Talent” Hosts!

Corporate team building ideas NYC
Seven years ago this month, I founded TrivWorks as a side business. I had a full-time job in the events industry, and was hosting bar trivia nights in Manhattan twice a week. The effects of the global economic crisis were freshly evident everywhere, and I was really just seeking a […]

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How Do I Choose the Right Team Building Activity in Los Angeles?

Team building activities Los Angeles
If you’ve been put in charge of pulling together a company staff event in Southern California, the task can be daunting. Unless you’re a professional event planner, chances are you’ve volunteered (or more likely been asked) to make it happen, often with little or no guidance. I’ve been there myself, […]

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Is Employee Appreciation Even Necessary?

Staff appreciation ideas NYC
The Summer Olympics are in full swing, and among the big stories coming out of the games is the record number of medals being won. Michael Phelps, the American swimmer, has now won an astounding 25 medals – 21 of which are gold – and years ago broke the record for […]

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Orange County, Here We Come!

Corporate Entertainment Orange County California
After seven years operating out of New York City, this summer TrivWorks expanded by opening our new West Coast office in Long Beach, California (read the press release here). We chose Long Beach primarily for its central location in SoCal, seeing how it is conveniently nestled in between Los Angeles […]

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Case Study: Joining the Team You Want to Be On

Team Building Case Studies
It’s August, which means I’m marking a number of unique milestones. For starters, it’s been exactly ten years since I hosted my very first trivia event – a pub quiz in Manhattan (read the story here). However, even before I became a professional trivia host in New York City, I was […]

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Team Building for Introverts: Where to Begin?

Team building activities introverted groups
Last month, we produced the second of three scheduled summer office parties hosted by NY1 anchor/professional game show host Pat Kiernan. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Pat for over five years now, and together we’ve created some truly remarkable special events, for both public and private audiences. During […]

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