Employee Reward: Are You Giving It Out Fairly?

Employee reward team building activities
I’d like to begin this post with a brief story, one which I’ve often told to my friends and family, but have never committed to ink, digital or otherwise. So here it goes.

Fifteen years ago, I had just started my first semester of a 2-year master’s degree program in Music […]

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Case Studies: Using Trivia as a Networking Event Activity

Networking event activities trivia
I’ve been focusing my blog writing lately on the various ways TrivWorks utilizes live trivia to engage different types of audiences. Today, I’d like to zero in on a fun one, which I’ve enjoyed producing for quite a number of years now: activities for professional networking events.

My experience with structured social […]

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Roving Trivia: A Great Informal Event Entertainment Option

Roving trivia corporate events
Here’s a topic which has been coming up for me more and more lately. An event planner like you reaches out, seeking corporate event entertainment in NYC, Southern California, or elsewhere. There’s just one catch, however: the event isn’t going to be “structured.” There will be no set time with a […]

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Case Study: How Improved Communication Helps Achieve Team Goals

Improve office communication skills
These past few days have been an absolute whirlwind for me. Not everybody loves surprises, but I do – something my wife of six years knows all too well. I had a big milestone birthday last month, and she pulled out all the stops: a surprise party, surprise out of town […]

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The Right & Wrong Ways to Incorporate a Trivia Contest into Private Parties

Trivia Private Party Events
I’ve been hosting and producing team trivia events for private groups for a long time – over ten years, to be exact. When I founded TrivWorks as a side business in 2009, the intention was to service primarily corporate audiences who wanted to say “thank you” to underpaid employees, who were […]

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How Does TrivWorks Customize Corporate Team Trivia Events?

Customized trivia corporate events
As I write this, I’ve just come off of a marathon session of crafting two team trivia events for corporate groups, before I leave for a long-overdue family vacation. I’m tired and weary from a long day, but I’m also perfectly primed to write about something I haven’t touched upon here […]

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How Refined is Your Corporate Trivia Event Vendor?

Trivia company corporate events
Last week, I received a piece of feedback from a new client which I’ve been beaming about all weekend, and even today as I think about it. We recently produced team trivia for a company event in NYC, and I’m proud to say it was a home run – but it […]

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Why Do You Want a Team Building Event, Anyway?

Team building corporate events
Prior to starting my own trivia company for corporate groups in NYC – first as a side gig, and then eventually taking it full-time – I worked at the 92nd Street Y, a cultural & community center in Manhattan. I worked at 92Y for a total of six years, where I […]

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Team Trivia: A Safe Bet for Group Bonding

Trivia team building
When I first moved to Long Beach, California last summer in order to offer team trivia for corporate groups in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and the entire West Coast, one of the first things which struck me was the sun.

As in, I was constantly sunburned.

I’d lived on the East Coast […]

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The Difference a Professional Trivia Emcee Makes

Professional trivia event emcee
This post is going to be comprised of two quick stories: the first one happened years ago, the second one just a few months ago.

I once found myself in a situation where I had two clients requesting the exact same night for a company trivia party in NYC. It was exceedingly […]

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Summer Associate Entertainment: Why Team Trivia Works So Well

Summer Associate Entertainment Trivia Night
This is the time of year when I find myself making a lot of phone calls to the recruiting departments of prestigious law and financial service firms. The reason is because of summer internships programs, which take shape during the spring.

If you’re reading this blog post, then you most likely […]

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How Does a Corporate Trivia Event Emcee Connect with an Audience?

Corporate trivia event hosting
A few years ago, I was hosting a trivia night for a corporate group in NYC. After the event was over, one of the TrivWorks graders who was working the gig with me, Alisa, said, “I just have to say, you have amazing stage presence.” I was quite flattered and taken […]

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Case Study: Trivia Night For a 1,400-Person Conference

Corporate trivia night large group
Last week, TrivWorks had the honor of participating in a large conference in Las Vegas, to provide entertainment to a mammoth audience of 1,400 attendees. We are no strangers to large events, having produced the largest trivia nights in New York City several times a year since 2011 (learn more […]

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News! TrivWorks to Present at Long Beach Comic Expo (Long Beach, CA)

Long Beach CA Trivia Company
Some exciting news to share! This weekend, TrivWorks has been invited to participate in the Long Beach Comic Expo – a major convention celebrating all things pop culture, to be held at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in downtown Long Beach, California!

On Saturday, February 18th TrivWorks founder & […]

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Corporate Party Activity a Surprise

Corporate party entertainment Southern California
Every time I conduct a customization call with a client for their upcoming company trivia party in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego or anywhere else, I always ask the same series of questions. It’s a proven method I’ve developed and refined over the past eight years I’ve […]

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