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Long Beach, CA Case Study: How Does Change Affect the Team?

Team Bonding Activities Long Beach CA
This month, after seven years operating primarily in the NYC area, TrivWorks has expanded to the West Coast by opening an office in Southern California (click here for more). I’ve personally made the move with my family to oversee this exciting growth of our brand, and for the first […]

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Summer Staff Parties in NYC: Unique Challenges & Opportunities

Summer Staff Party Ideas NYC
It’s summertime in the Big Apple, and as someone who lived there for the past fifteen years before moving to Long Beach, California this month, I can attest that it is its own unique animal. It’s fun, it’s spontaneous, it’s insanely hot and humid and at times unbearably miserable – […]

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TrivWorks Expansion to Southern California – How’s it Going So Far?

Trivia company Long Beach California
It’s been two weeks since my family and I up and moved from NYC, our home for the past fifteen years, and came out to Long Beach, California to establish TrivWorks’ new West Coast office (don’t worry, we’re still servicing the East Coast like always – just last week we […]

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Case Study: TrivWorks & Broadway’s Next Hit Musical Rock EuroKera’s Team Building Day!

Creative Team Bonding Ideas
Last week, we had the honor of producing an extremely special event. I received a call at the end of June from EuruKera, a prestigious global firm with its North America headquarters based in Greenville, SC. They were very specific about what they were looking for: the company’s Annual Team Day was […]

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Case Study: How Low Workplace Morale Affects Customer Experience

Morale Boosting Southern California
You may have noticed it’s been a little while since my last blog post. That’s because a week ago, my family and I made our long-anticipated move across the country, leaving New York City and relocating to Long Beach, CA! Demand has grown for TrivWorks corporate event entertainment and employee team […]

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Dos and Don’ts for Entertaining Rowdy Groups

Group Activity Ideas NYC
This one’s come up a lot lately, enough that I’ve decided to dedicate an entire blog post to it. Someone will call me up inquiring about creating a staff bonding activity in New York City or elsewhere, be it for team building, morale boosting or simply as a means of employee […]

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A Response to WSJ’s “Is It Ever OK to Quit on the Spot?”

Office Morale Boosters NYC
My friend & trivia event collaborator Pat Kiernan was on NY1 this morning, and as he always does, he conducted his popular “In The Papers” segment. For those of you not from the Big Apple, the segment features Pat going through the major papers, literally reading to the viewers the top […]

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Opening TrivWorks’ Southern California Office – How Are We Preparing?

Team Building Long Beach California
In just under two weeks, we will be undergoing the biggest expansion we’ve ever done: opening a new TrivWorks office on the West Coast, to start servicing companies on both sides of the country! I will be personally overseeing this exciting move, relocating with my family to Long Beach, CA […]

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Trivia Events with Magician Ryan Oakes: A Truly Unique Group Bonding Activity

Corporate event entertainers NYC
I’ve been shining the spotlight recently on all of the incredible corporate event emcees I have the honor of working with, including NY1 morning news anchor Pat Kiernan, comedian Christian Finnegan and our newly-announced hosts. Today, I’d like to focus on magician/mentalist Ryan Oakes.

Unlike the other hosts mentioned above, whom I […]

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4 Things I’m Wondering About Corporate Team Building in Southern California

Southern California team building activities
As announced last month, TrivWorks shall be expanding our offerings to the Golden State starting this summer. It’s an unbelievably exciting step, and one which I am deeply vested in – so much so that my entire family and I shall be relocating to Long Beach, CA in a couple […]

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Looking Back: 5 Years of Pat Kiernan Trivia Nights

Trivia night host NYC
Today we’ve reached a milestone, one which completely blows my mind: on this day five years ago, we held the very first Pat Kiernan trivia night at The Bell House in Brooklyn.

Five years. Wow. If you had asked me back then whether we’d still be doing this in five years, I […]

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Meet TrivWorks’ Newest Corporate Trivia Event Hosts!

NYC trivia hosts corporate
Over the past several years, TrivWorks has undergone some truly thrilling growth. We’ve expanded our offerings to include a diverse range of new experiences, combining our proven live trivia events with magic, stand-up and improv comedy, karaoke and more. We’ve been honored to name many Fortune 500 companies as clients, developed […]

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5 Secrets of Killer Client Entertainment Events

Client entertainment ideas NYC
It’s been a very busy time around here lately! In addition to prepping for our imminent expansion to the West coast this summer by opening a new office in Long Beach, California, last week was particularly hectic, with three back-to-back trivia events for corporate groups in New York City. While it’s […]

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Case Study: The Power of Laughter for Getting Teams Through a Rough Patch

Fun team building activities NYC
This past week, I had the unique opportunity of producing and hosting an event like few others. As the founder of a company specializing exclusively in creating enjoyable group bonding ideas in New York City and beyond, the challenge given to me by clients tends to fall within a select […]

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TrivWorks Goes West – Getting Psyched for Our California Expansion This Summer!

Corporate entertainment Long Beach California
It’s an incredibly exciting time here at TrivWorks – as recently announced, we will be bringing our services to the West Coast starting in July, opening a new office to deliver trivia team building activities in Southern California!

This expansion is a natural progression of the electrifying growth our company has […]

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