I’m a huge reader, basically anything I can get my hands on. When I first entered the social media world in 2009 by joining Facebook (a late entrant, yes) and then later by joining Twitter, I knew that having a firm grasp on social media was going to be crucial in my effort to build a trivia team building company from scratch.

Below are 7 books which proved invaluable to me, a true social media “newbie” who wanted to bring my company out into the world:

1) Trust Agents (Chris Brogan & Julien Smith) – One of the first social media books I read, and one I swear by. Avoiding technical tactics in favor of developing overall strategy, learn the invaluable skills you must develop in order to build trust online.

2) Crush It! (Gary Vaynerchuck) – The entrepreneurial mind and personality behind Internet blog sensation Wine Library TV offers unusually inspiring lessons in persistence, hustle, patience and follow-through using social media as a platform.

3) The Social Media Marketing Book (Dan Zarrella) – Very approachable, easy-to-read overview of the different social media platforms currently available, offering friendly guidance and direction.

4) The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web (Tamar Weinberg) – This is a more intense version of Zarrella’s social media book, going much further in-depth into each social media platform available. Great for in-depth tactics, as well as developing overall strategy.

5) Twitter Power 2.0 (Joel Comm) – For great pointers specifically on how to use Twitter for business & marketing purposes of your events.

6) Send (David Shipley & Will Scwalbe) – While not technically social media, this book co-written by a former New York Times Op-Ed editor is the authoritative guide on Email etiquette, usage and technique.

7) Search Engine Optimization All-In-One for Dummies (Bruce Clay & Susan Esparza) – Again, not exclusively a social media book, but every event planner with a Web and social media presence should have a basic understanding of SEO. This all-in-one bible provides an incredibly comprehensive overview of how to maximize your blog’s SEO potential.

What other great social media books are out there which you would recommend to corporate event professionals?