With the rise in popularity of pub quiz has come a growing interest in using live trivia as a corporate team building activity. However, as a relatively new approach to an area long characterized by ropes courses, scavenger hunts and 3-legged races, companies probably have a few questions of their own about how trivia can motivate their employees and improve teamwork among their staff.

Below are the most commonly asked questions I receive from people interested in using trivia for corporate party entertainment. All are quite valid, and should be carefully considered before making a decision on whether trivia is right for your group:

“What kind of trivia? What are the questions about?”

People assume that live trivia parties are all about asking questions based on the industry of the participants. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth; while trivia does allow for a high degree of customization for individual groups, as an “escape” from the daily grind it’s best to actually stay away from the kinds of topics which folks typically deal with- in fact, the opposite is probably best. Bankers will be asked about reality TV, but not derivatives.

“So are people in teams, or playing individually, or how does this work?”

Lots of team building activities involve breaking down the larger group into smaller sub-groups who will engage in friendly competition, and live trivia is no different. By doing so, people can practice collaboration, communication and decision making in a way which replicates the typical work team, and that can’t be done alone or in a larger group setting.

“Where is this held, in our office, or…?”

It can be in the office, but like other team building events, it’s best to get outside of the company “comfort zone” and go somewhere else where people can feel relaxed, such as a restaurant or bar.

“We don’t have a lot of time to devote to planning this; how much effort will it require?”

This depends on what kind of event you’re looking for. If done right, a live trivia party will be fully-customized for the attendees; however, this requires an investment of time and research by the organizer, which they may not want to devote. Decide in advance how much of your company’s time you are willing to commit to tailoring the event, as this will affect the overall experience of the participants.

“Last year we went bowling, and everybody loved it. Are you saying this will be better?”

That, unfortunately, I can’t tell you. Every group is different, and trivia is by no means for everybody. It will certainly be challenging, mentally stimulating and engaging- however, if your team enjoys vigorous physical activity or shies away from vigorous competition, than perhaps this isn’t the right activity for them.

I may love trivia as a team building activity, but know in my heart that not every group will share my passion here. What other questions might you have about live trivia, and determining if it is a viable entertainment alternative for your company? Leave your response here – I’ll address as best I can!