An Ode to School Teachers – The Saviors of Trivia Night

As office workers reluctantly put another Labor Day weekend behind them, another group of hard-working people who have just had a well-earned 2-month summer break also must come to grips with returning to the workplace. They are of course school teachers, the shepherds of our young, who must get up at the crack of […]

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10 Frequently Unasked Questions about Trivia Team Building

When it comes to trivia team building, people typically have the same questions: “how does this work?” “What kind of trivia?” “Is this like a game show?” “Do people play individually or in teams?”

You get the idea.

Having produced so many of these events, however, I’ve found that people still have plenty of questions leading […]

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Is Nostalgic Pop Culture Dead?

As we head into the Labor Day weekend, I thought I’d take a break from my musings on workplace morale, corporate entertainment and employee team building to look at the creative side of our trivia business, which relies at its heart on pop culture.

People the world over love pop culture, and follow it ravenously: […]

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30 Ways to Make Workspaces Better, More Welcoming & Foster Teamwork

Look around your office- what do you see? Odds are that unless you work at a hip start-up flush with young talent and IPO cash, you’re still using the same staid, boring and uninspiring cubicle-office layout introduced decades ago, which has been shown to de-motivate employees and hinder teamwork.

Sprucing up the physical workspace for […]

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