Meet the Newest Member of Our Team!

Naomi Michal Jacobson
December 28th, 2011
6 pounds, 11 ounces
Brooklyn, NY

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The One Event That Will Drive an Event Planner Nuts

Well, it’s finally here: today is my wife’s due date!

After 40 long weeks of anticipation, excitement, fear, discomfort, restless sleep and curiosity beyond belief, we’ve made every preparation we can think of in advance of the Big Event:

My wife’s stopped working, and I’ve cleared my schedule of any corporate team building events in NYC […]

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An Incredible Year: Plenty to be Thankful for in 2011

2011 has been a phenomenal year for TrivWorks, and for me personally.

As a guy who has dedicated himself to the importance of appreciation and recognition in the workplace, I am so incredibly grateful for so many fantastic things which have happened in my own life, and owe a great deal of gratitude to a […]

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6 Facts About Workplace Morale to Know Cold for 2012

As 2011 draws to a close, many businesses are saying “good riddance” yet again. Maybe your company is among them: sluggish sales, rising fixed costs, and tied hands as far as maintaining employee happiness.

Wait…what? Employee happiness?

What does THAT have to do with anything? We’re trying to run a BUSINESS here, for God’s sake – […]

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Is Your Staff Burning the Candle at Both Ends this Hanukkah?

Last night was the first night of Hanukkah, and here in NYC, corporate team building and holiday parties took a brief hiatus so that those who observe could mark the occasion at home with their families.

For those who aren’t aware, Hanukkah – a relatively minor holiday in the Jewish calendar – commemorates a series […]

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How Can You Measure the Success of a Corporate Team Building Activity?

My wife is 9 months pregnant, and has unfortunately been suffering from “false labor” – sporadic contractions which are painful, yet thankfully short. While I hate seeing her in discomfort, it’s given me a chance to try out my new contraction timer app: I clock in whenever the contractions start and end, and it […]

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92Y Case Study: Producing a Trivia Team Building Activity for a Former Employer

Last week, I had the unique honor of capping my 6-year tenure as Director of Adult Education Programs at New York’s 92nd Street Y in the most special of ways: by being invited to produce a trivia team building holiday party for the entire staff!

Seeing how I was leaving my post within the organization […]

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We’ll Be Right Back After This Short Break…

I’ll be taking off from blogging today, in order to recover from our massive holiday party trivia event for my recently-former employer 92Y yesterday in NYC – employee team building at it’s most personal! (comprehensive recap to follow). We are also gearing up for another TrivWorks holiday party today in Manhattan, so time’s a […]

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Leaving a Job the Best Way Possible

Today marks the end of an era for me.

After 6 incredible, educational and inspirational years, I will be stepping down from my position overseeing the adult learning and leisure department at the 92nd Street Y, New York City’s premier cultural & community center. While I will miss my colleagues and the chance to produce […]

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Client Service Horror Story: How NOT to Treat Your Customers!

I’m taking a quick diversion from my regular musings on employee entertainment, workplace issues and corporate team building activities in NYC to share a cautionary tale from yesterday, which I think is worth telling to anybody who cares about retaining their clients (i.e. you).

In preparation for our baby expected later this month, my wife […]

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A Father-To-Be’s Workplace Fears

My wife and I will be expecting our first child later this month, and needless to say, we are both incredibly excited! She’s been uncomfortable lately, though, and understandably so; her sleep’s also been troubled, and as such mine has as well. We’re also in full-on “nesting” mode, which means I need to train […]

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Be Cool! 5 Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Company Holiday Party

So here we are, halfway through December – and still, no company office party planned. Maybe this is your busy season, there’s been a crisis, or several key staff changes have confused just who was supposed to be doing what. Regardless, the fact remains: as far as this year’s holiday party goes, we ain’t […]

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Why We’re Producing a Night of Pop Culture Trivia About NYC

Today, TrivWorks is thrilled to announce a very special event: Why We Love NYC: A Pop Culture Trivia Night Celebrating the World’s Greatest City!

On January 25th at The Bell House, one of Brooklyn’s hippest and most celebrated performance venues, our “Special Host” Pat Kiernan, longtime NY1 morning news anchor and veteran game show host […]

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10 Christmas Trivia Questions for an Office Holiday Party

I’ve been receiving a lot of requests lately from companies outside of the NYC metro area who are interested in fun Christmas trivia questions to ask employees at their holiday parties. While my company is in the business of producing corporate team building activities in New York City, for the sake of those in […]

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The Show Must Go On: Never Cancel a Corporate Team Building Activity

As I write this post, I’ve just come home late from a goodbye dinner with friends; one is moving away, one is just getting settled into married life, and me, well- my wife is 9 months pregnant, so I’m about to go off the grid for a while. I’m tired, wiped out from a […]

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