nyc.pop.culture.trivia.nightWe’re less than a week away from our January 25th “Why We Love NYC” pop culture trivia night at The Bell House in Brooklyn, hosted by Pat Kiernan – longtime NY1 morning news anchor, veteran TV game show host and TrivWorks “Special Host.”

The TrivWorks team has been busy with our preparations: writing and fact-checking trivia questions, ironing our T-shirts, stapling answer sheets, making sure all of our pens have ink. But what can people like you, who are planning to attend the event, do to get yourselves ready?

As Pat himself said in a recent interview, this trivia night isn’t something you can really study for. The entire idea behind this event is to celebrate the things New Yorkers love about New York City, and for those of us who live and work here, you know that it’s really the subtleties of the Big Apple, rather than the big things themselves, which make Gotham great. It’s like the “menschkeit” Al Pacino and John Cusack talk about in the movie City Hall, the space between a handshake that really seals an agreement; it’s not the bricks, but the mortar which make connections between people and places strong (and no, that will NOT be a question).

My limited advice for anyone who wishes to do well at this event – and take home one of the slew of “quintessential NYC experiences” we’re giving away as prizes – is as follows:

  1. Be a great observer – New York City is absolutely packed with great stuff that only we see, hear, smell and know. Pay attention to these finer details of life in the Big Apple.
  1. Stay on top of the news – I don’t mean world, national or even regional news, I’m taking about true NYC news – stuff that affects our day to day lives here in the 5 boroughs.
  1. Be a pop culture junky – We will indeed be testing your knowledge of NYC on the big and small screens, as well as in music, culture and media. It will also help if you’ve paid attention to the people, places and events which define NYC living.

Other than that, there’s really nothing I can tell you except to have a well-balanced team! Know your strengths going in, and hopefully you will round out each other’s NYC knowledge base. The questions won’t be too easy, but they won’t be impossibly hard either – if you’re a New Yorker who’s passionate about our city, loves pop culture and won’t crack under pressure, than you should at least have a reasonable expectation of knowing the answers.

If you have any questions about this event, would like additional information or even want to share a great NYC pop culture trivia question of your own, please feel free to write in the comments section below – or better yet, send us a message on Twitter @TrivWorks, using the #WeLoveNYC hashtag!