It’s President’s Day, and many offices are closed in honor of the holiday where we mark the unique sacrifices, challenges and successes of the 44 men who have helped guide our country to where it is today. Chances are good, however, that if you are the president of a company, then unlike your employees, you are not enjoying a completely free day at home today.

As both a blogger and the president of a business myself specializing in boosting staff morale, motivation and productivity through NYC corporate team building activities, I spend a considerable amount of time thinking and writing about how we can create healthier workplaces by being as supportive, engaging and responsive to our employees’ needs as possible. Today, however, I want to draw attention to someone who’s well-being gets far less attention: the company president.

If you’re the boss – even more so if you are an entrepreneur or have a small business – you can’t simply close up shop and detach yourself mentally until tomorrow, just because it’s a holiday. Try as you might, your mind keeps wandering back to the office: that list of things to do, people to call, ideas to jot down, Emails to send and respond to.

To be sure, being president is not without its obvious perks:

  1. You draw the biggest salary
  2. You plot strategic direction
  3. You are the decision maker in every meeting you attend
  4. You have the final say in everything

Yet still, being the president of a company, regardless of its size, means the tether remains firmly intact, always. The weight of the entire company – it’s future,as well as that of its shareholders, employees and clients – falls squarely on you, and that’s not a responsibility which we business owners take lightly, especially in the current economic environment.

This President’s Day, I encourage you, the company president, to take some time to reflect on yourself and your achievements, and to allow yourself a moment’s pause from the 365-day mental grind. Treat yourself to a massage or favorite lunch spot, enjoy your kids & grand-kids, take a walk, or simply sit on the couch with your significant other and do nothing.

Don’t worry, the work will still be there tomorrow.

Go ahead – you’ve earned it!