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Marketing in today’s world requires a different mindset than that of marketers from the not so distant past. Super Bowl ads, email campaigns, and direct mailers may help build brand awareness, but marketers need to do more, especially in the current economic climate. Marketing in today’s world is all about building value and satisfying customer needs, not just selling a product.

Most companies don’t have the resources to create more ad content and buy more media to reach prospective buyers. Fortunately, there are innovative, cost-effective marketing approaches that not only expand reach but build loyalty with the current customer base. Building relationships with customers is the key to driving sales in today’s economy. Relationship building comes from adding value by meeting customer needs time and time again.

A New Mindset: Customer Needs

n a world where nearly everyone is connected to someone else through social media, telecommunication, and various interest groups, customers are used to being engaged with friends, co-workers, and businesses. They utilize these tools to be heard, so you can assume they will take advantage of opportunities you give them to be heard. This provides valuable opportunities for marketers to join the conversation, learn what the customers want, and then provide that product or service for them.

However, simply communicating with customers through Facebook and Twitter isn’t enough. Customers need to feel valued as individuals and live interaction is an excellent way to reinforce the brand message and build customer loyalty.

Building Relationships through Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing in NYC brings customers and businesses together through fun, relaxed events, creating an environment where you can build relationships while establishing brand awareness and build loyalty at the same time. Experiential marketing in NYC rewards loyal customers with a level of engagement they’ve not experienced before. In addition, new customers are introduced to products and services in a unique atmosphere, through an exciting, interactive event.

In a nutshell, the difference between experiential marketing and traditional marketing lies in the customer experience. Rather than telling the customer about the amazing products and services you offer, you are allowing them to experience the benefits for themselves. Most adults are wary of ads and commercials but will be much more willing to try out a new brand if they can see for themselves how it will meet their needs.

Trivia Events

TrivWorks takes a unique approach to creating customer experiences by planning and executing live trivia events for businesses. Events are customized for each business to according to its size, audience, and company goals. Facts about the history of the company, the founders, and other interesting tidbits are included in trivia games that pique customer interest in a fun-filled environment.

Try Experiential Marketing Today

For experiential marketing in NYC to be effective, you must focus on building relationships along with building your brand. Your customers are your most valuable asset because they can give you insights into how to serve them better—a Super Bowl ad can’t do that. To get customers to talk to you, though, you’ll need to establish a good relationship with them. Live trivia events are an excellent way to build relationships with current and new customers because it allows participants to feel valued in a fun and relaxing environment. Visit our website, www.trivworks.com , to learn more and arrange your live trivia event.