Pat.Kiernan.trivia.questions.jpgPat Kiernan trivia questions

Today, beloved TV newsman Pat Kiernan marks an astounding 20 years behind the anchor desk at NY1. That’s two solid decades of providing New Yorkers with a cheerful & witty wake-up, complete with bone-dry deadpan humor and, of course, a look at what’s “In The Papers.” He is officially a New York institution, as identifiable with the Big Apple as black & white cookies or the Empire State Building.

I’ve had the incredible honor of working with Pat since 2011, when he was announced as a TrivWorks “Special Host.” Together, we’ve produced not only some fantastic corporate entertainment trivia events throughout the city and beyond, but also launched the largest trivia night series in NYC at The Bell House in Brooklyn, with Pat emceeing dozens of pop culture trivia nights for raucous audiences of 300+ rabid NY1 fans!

To help mark this momentous occasion, I’ve pulled together my top 5 favorite trivia questions about New York’s favorite news anchor.

Thank you Pat for all you do for New York City – here’s to the next 20 years!

  1. Which Canadian Province does Pat hail from?
  2. Which TV game show did Pat host on VH1 for 2 seasons?
  3. In 2012, Pat moved from the Upper West Side to which hip Brooklyn neighborhood?
  4. Published in 2016, what is the name of Pat’s children’s book about NYC in the early morning hours?
  5. Can you name any Hollywood feature film where Pat played himself?

Submit your answers in the “Leave a Comment” field below, along with your Twitter handle – get 5 out of 5 correct, and we’ll give you a special shout-out online!

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