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TrivWorks founder & CEO David Jacobson blogs regularly on using team trivia for corporate event entertainment and group bonding activities

The Joy of Producing Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment

Corporate holiday party entertainment
I’ve been in this line of work for almost a decade, and this is the time of year when I suddenly start getting a lot of inquiries for company holiday party ideas in the NYC region, throughout SoCal from Los Angeles to Long Beach, Orange County to San Diego, and basically […]

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Corporate Trivia Supplier Checklist: 25 Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Corporate trivia supplier
Last month, I published a comprehensive list of 25 questions to ask before booking a corporate entertainment vendor. The intention here was to help you, the planner, ask the right questions when searching for that perfect meeting break, company holiday party entertainer, team building activity, gala dinner, icebreaker or other similar event […]

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Paying Your Dues: How I Became America’s Go-To Guy for Corporate Trivia Events

Corporate trivia team building events
What I do is special – a niche within a niche. Not only do I produce corporate entertainment events using live trivia, but I additionally do company team building events. This specialty puts me in a rather unique place. I’m not a bar trivia vendor, nor do I pretend to […]

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Corporate Trivia Night: When Is it Time to Bring in the Pros?

Trivia night corporate
Here’s one that I’ve consistently gotten for the past eight years I’ve been doing this – in fact, I heard it just last week! Somebody calls me up, wanting to know how to run a trivia night for a corporate group. But unlike prospects who are simply looking for unique ways to […]

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How Do I Create Corporate Event Entertainment for Diverse Groups?

Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas Diverse Groups
This past weekend, I attended a friend’s 50th birthday party. While schmoozing around the back yard, I found myself speaking with the guest of honor’s son, a Broadway actor in his early 20s. This kid is truly amazing, I’ve seen him perform – it’s a real treat to be […]

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7 Components of a Successful Corporate Game Show

Corporate game show
You’ve decided to provide your colleagues or clients an interactive trivia game show for a corporate event – excellent! The only question now, is: where to begin?

As the founder & CEO of TrivWorks, the industry leader in this highly specialized area, I have produced almost 1,000 of these exact type of events […]

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25 Deal Breakers: What to Watch Out For When Booking Corporate Entertainment Vendors

Corporate event entertainment trivia
I’ve been in this line of work for ten years now – eight years doing trivia, two before that running corporate scavenger hunts. During that time I’ve had just about every conversation imaginable with prospective clients, some of whom initially expressed concern. They wanted to know if they were making a […]

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Misadvenentures in Air Travel: My Recent Trip to Canada

Corporate trivia host Canada
Where to begin with this one…

As I write this, I am currently on vacation with my family (although “vacation” is a relative term when you are the CEO of a company specializing in corporate trivia entertainment events).

Keeping aside the need to run my trivia hosting business smoothly, for the past […]

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Eight Years of TrivWorks: A Look Back

Corporate trivia events
I can hardly believe it, but it was exactly eight years ago today that TrivWorks was born. It’s been an absolutely unbelievable ride thus far, from pub quiz provider to the nation’s premier trivia company for corporate event entertainment. I thought it would be fun to take a quick jaunt down memory […]

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The Limits of Corporate Team Building Events

Corporate group bonding events
I’m sure you’re puzzled by the title of this blog post. After all, if you’re reading it then you’re probably looking for activities for a corporate event or meeting – something this Website (and company) is entirely devoted to. However, as I will explain there is more to these kinds of events than meets the eye, and planners and […]

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PRESS RELEASE! TrivWorks Partners with Know Your Crew App to Enhance Corporate Team Building Experience

Team building event app
Today, TrivWorks is thrilled to announce a special partnership intended to make our trivia team building events even more impactful. We have joined forces with Know Your Crew, a trust-building mobile gaming app designed to build relationships among small groups, to offer a truly unique experience like no other!

TrivWorks clients will […]

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Case Study: This Company REALLY Needs to Improve Employee Communication Skills!

Corporate activities ideas
My company, TrivWorks, has been producing employee team building events in NYC, Southern California and nationwide for nearly eight years. Our team trivia events are proven group bonding activities which address a variety of workplace issues. As such, I wasn’t surprised when I received an Email inquiry from somebody at a major […]

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How Well Do You REALLY Know Your Team?

Corporate team building events
Here’s a little fun fact about me you probably didn’t know (or I’m assuming you don’t know, because there’s a better-than-average chance we’ve never even met. Ah, the Internet…). As it turns out, I have perfect pitch. Here’s something else, though – I just found this out myself, and relatively recently!

First […]

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PRESS RELEASE! TrivWorks Announces Partnership with Gene Jones, “America’s Trivia Guy”

Gene Jones TrivWorks
Some exciting news to share! TrivWorks is delighted to announce that we have established a partnership with acclaimed trivia expert Gene Jones, a seasoned corporate event entertainer with over three decades of experience!

Called “America’s Trivia Guy” by the media, Gene is armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of memorized trivia about every conceivable […]

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TrivWorks in SoCal: What I’ve Learned After a Year Working with Remote Teams

Southern California trivia companies
One year ago – Independence Day 2016, to be precise – my wife and I embarked on the boldest journey imaginable, and by far the riskiest move of my life. After fifteen years of living and working in New York City, we “declared independence” from the East coast, and relocated to […]

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