Should You Serve Alcohol at This Year’s Company Holiday Party?

Company holiday party ideas
Opening the news lately is like watching a highlights reel of “worst hit.” In recent weeks, we’ve been bombarded with an avalanche of stories showing celebrities – deeply established, well-respected entertainers, politicians and media personalities – being accused of salacious, inappropriate behavior. These stories have been almost exclusively about men in […]

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Pro Tips for Hiring Reputable Event Entertainment Suppliers

Corporate event entertainment suppliers
Reputation. In my line of work, it is the end-all be all – the one thing which preoccupies the most bandwidth in my busy mind on any given day. When you are a service brand such as TrivWorks, when all is said and done it’s pretty much the only thing that […]

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5 Simple Ideas For Making Corporate Entertainment Events More Fun

Fun corporate party entertainment ideas
This past weekend, I threw a surprise birthday party for my wife. It was such a blast, not just the event itself, but the planning as well. You see, it was a complete surprise for her! I took great pains to keep the fest under wraps for at least a […]

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3 Things to Remember About Your Audience When Selecting Company Holiday Party Entertainment

Corporate holiday party ideas
Today is the last day of October (Halloween!) meaning that starting tomorrow, it will officially be Holiday Party Season. From November through January (and event later, on rare occasions), people seeking unique corporate holiday party entertainment ideas will be reaching out to me, looking for fun and engaging ways to entertain […]

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Event Recap: TrivWorks Thrills PepsiCo with Corporate Dinner Entertainment in Phoenix

Corporate dinner entertainment ideas
Last week was a busy one – three gigs spread across the country, to be precise! First we had a law firm retreat event in upstate New York, where “America’s Trivia Guy” Gene Jones emceed a hugely successful post-dinner entertainment trivia contest for 100 of the company’s partners and senior leadership.

Just […]

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Event Recap: “America’s Trivia Guy” Gene Jones Wows After Dinner Corporate Retreat Audience

After dinner corporate event entertainment trivia
This past summer, TrivWorks announced a new collaboration with veteran corporate entertainer and live game show host Gene Jones. Dubbed “America’s Trivia Guy” by the press, Gene is truly something special. Not only does he have over three decades of experience emceeing corporate trivia events nationwide, but he can […]

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The Difference Between a Professional Corporate Emcee & A Bar Trivia Host

Corporate trivia emcee
I’ve been producing and hosting trivia nights for corporate groups professionally for over ten years, and it has been my livelihood for nearly six. During that time, I’ve been asked many predictable questions: how did I get into this unique line of work? Am I a trivia “guru?” Or my personal favorite: […]

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Do-It-Yourself Team Building: Fad, or Folly?

Team building events
I had two things happen to me over the past month which I thought were strange. Well, more than two, for sure – but only two which a prospective client like yourself would be remotely interested in.

As a trivia team building and corporate entertainment company, I get all sorts of calls from […]

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Happy 20th NY1 Anniversary, Pat! Can You Answer These 5 Trivia Questions About Pat Kiernan?

Pat Kiernan trivia questions
Today, beloved TV newsman Pat Kiernan marks an astounding 20 years behind the anchor desk at NY1. That’s two solid decades of providing New Yorkers with a cheerful & witty wake-up, complete with bone-dry deadpan humor and, of course, a look at what’s “In The Papers.” He is officially a New […]

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News! TrivWorks Collaborates with PowerSuit to Create New Trivia/Improv Offering

Improv team building trivia
Some exciting new to share! Today, TrivWorks is thrilled to announce a special partnership with PowerSuit Improv, a corporate training program which uses improvisation to promote creativity, teamwork, and boosted confidence in the workplace.

Arriving at your team building event with one or more highly trained professional improvisation instructors, we shall lead […]

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The Joy of Producing Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment

Corporate holiday party entertainment
I’ve been in this line of work for almost a decade, and this is the time of year when I suddenly start getting a lot of inquiries for company holiday party ideas in the NYC region, throughout SoCal from Los Angeles to Long Beach, Orange County to San Diego, and basically […]

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Corporate Trivia Supplier Checklist: 25 Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Corporate trivia supplier
Last month, I published a comprehensive list of 25 questions to ask before booking a corporate entertainment vendor. The intention here was to help you, the planner, ask the right questions when searching for that perfect meeting break, company holiday party entertainer, team building activity, gala dinner, icebreaker or other similar event […]

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Paying Your Dues: How I Became America’s Go-To Guy for Corporate Trivia Events

Corporate trivia team building events
What I do is special – a niche within a niche. Not only do I produce corporate entertainment events using live trivia, but I additionally do company team building events. This specialty puts me in a rather unique place. I’m not a bar trivia vendor, nor do I pretend to […]

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Corporate Trivia Night: When Is it Time to Bring in the Pros?

Trivia night corporate
Here’s one that I’ve consistently gotten for the past eight years I’ve been doing this – in fact, I heard it just last week! Somebody calls me up, wanting to know how to run a trivia night for a corporate group. But unlike prospects who are simply looking for unique ways to […]

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How Do I Create Corporate Event Entertainment for Diverse Groups?

Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas Diverse Groups
This past weekend, I attended a friend’s 50th birthday party. While schmoozing around the back yard, I found myself speaking with the guest of honor’s son, a Broadway actor in his early 20s. This kid is truly amazing, I’ve seen him perform – it’s a real treat to be […]

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