Best Practices for Online Virtual Trivia with Remote Teams

There is a right and wrong way to create a virtual trivia event
Determine whether you want to create it yourself or hire professionals
Zoom is the best platform, but may not be possible for your company
The right number of people and time of day will optimize the experience

How Do I Create […]

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Creating a Virtual Trivia Night: Do’s & Don’ts

Virtual trivia nights are a great way to engage remote teams
Creating virtual gaming events for corporate requires a host, materials and platform
Not all Zoom game show hosts are created equal
There are affordable options for virtual trivia parties for companies

How Do I Create a Virtual Trivia Night for My Company?
Once you’ve […]

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How Do I Choose the Best Virtual Team Building Activities for MY Group?

COVID-19 has forced companies to embrace virtual team building
Remote workers need a morale boost now more than ever
Zoom is an effective team building platform
Choosing the right virtual activity is key for success
Trivia is a proven option for team building with virtual audiences

I Need Virtual Interactive Games Employees Can Play […]

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What Are the Best Summer Staff Party Ideas in NYC?

Not every entertainment option is ideal for summer party entertaining in NYC
Indoor entertainment options are key during the hot & humid summer months
Summer interns need memorable, high-impact experiences
There are lots of affordable summer party entertainment options in New York

What are some fun office summer party activities in New York City?
With […]

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How Do I Make My Own Office Trivia Party?

Creating a DIY trivia party isn’t as easy as it looks
Planners still need a venue, trivia questions, materials, prizes & equipment
Crafting or sourcing material requires time and labor
Downloadable trivia questions for office parties are an excellent option

I want to run my own company trivia night. Where do I begin?
Anyone who […]

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Which Game Show Team Building Activities Are the Most Effective?

Live TV game shows for corporate events are popular and entertaining
However, they do not lend themselves to group bonding
Effective game show team building activities must engage the ENTIRE audience
Custom-built, professionally-produced events help teams form long-term bonds

Can live adaptations of TV game shows be effective team building events?
While popular TV game […]

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How Do I Plan a Corporate Trivia Event in Orange County, CA?

OC is home to many “pub quiz” companies
However, not a lot of vendors specialize in corporate game shows
Find the vendor with the most experience/flexible format options
Hotels are ideal for hosting Orange County corporate trivia nights

How do I find corporate trivia vendors in Orange County, California?
As with anywhere else, when it […]

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What are the Best Indoor Team Building Activities in New York City?

Temperate climate in NYC makes outdoor events only feasible half the year
Holding events onsite can mean significant cost savings
Indoor office games can be less physically demanding, meaning greater participation
Find a NYC team building vendor who specializes in indoor programs for maximum effectiveness

Are indoor team building activities effective?
Anyone planning corporate team […]

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CONTEST LIVE! National Trivia Day – Win a TrivWorks DIY Trivia Party! Starts NOW!

Happy National Trivia Day!

In honor of the occasion, we are running a special online trivia contest for the chance to win a FREE TrivWorks DIY package – allowing you to run your own downloadable trivia party at your office or home!

Here’s how it works: there is ONE pop culture trivia question below. The first […]

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How Do I Plan a Last-Minute Company Holiday Party?

Planning a corporate party late is challenging, but not impossible
The best corporate entertainers and venues may already be booked
Holding your event onsite, DIY holiday party entertainment are great options
You could still get lucky with a top vendor who has a cancellation
Don’t be afraid to look outside of your geographic […]

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Company Holiday Party Entertainment: Structured, Casual, or Both?

Holiday party entertainment corporate events
It’s that time of year again!

All around the country, at organizations large and small, individuals like you have convened in committees (or are perhaps flying solo) to put together the annual office holiday party. Whether you’ve been at it for months already, or are only now just starting to think […]

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Anatomy of a “Wow” Corporate Entertainment Experience

Game show company corporate events
I’m going to begin this post by doing something that, as a brand marketer, I’m never, EVER supposed to do: tell you about a client who wasn’t blown away by my services.

Recently, I produced a team building activity in New York City for a group of about 75 people. This […]

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Creating Corporate Trivia Contests Where 100% of the Questions are Client-Specific

Customized corporate event entertainment ideas
Recently, I was challenged to do something I’m not often asked to do: produce a trivia team building event in New York City where 100% of the questions are client-specific.

Now, I know what you’re wondering: “Hey, wait a minute, David – aren’t ALL TrivWorks events customized for each client? Isn’t […]

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What Staff is TrivWorks Bringing to Your Corporate Game Show?

Game show entertainment corporate party
You’ve decided to proceed with TrivWorks as your corporate team building or company party entertainment vendor – great! Your guests are going to have an absolute blast engaging in a raucous, good-natured team trivia competition, complete with professionally-written questions which have been hand selected/custom written for your specific group & […]

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The Hard Truth About a $500 Corporate Event

Game show entertainment corporate events
Among the event inquiries I received this week, two were from people seeking team building game shows – one for a conference, the other for a membership entertainment activity for a country club. Both callers were reaching out on behalf of very prestigious – and VERY wealthy – organizations. The […]

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