25 Deal Breakers: What to Watch Out For When Booking Corporate Entertainment Vendors

Corporate event entertainment trivia
I’ve been in this line of work for ten years now – eight years doing trivia, two before that running corporate scavenger hunts. During that time I’ve had just about every conversation imaginable with prospective clients, some of whom initially expressed concern. They wanted to know if they were making a […]

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Misadvenentures in Air Travel: My Recent Trip to Canada

Corporate trivia host Canada
Where to begin with this one…

As I write this, I am currently on vacation with my family (although “vacation” is a relative term when you are the CEO of a company specializing in corporate trivia entertainment events).

Keeping aside the need to run my trivia hosting business smoothly, for the past […]

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Eight Years of TrivWorks: A Look Back

Corporate trivia events
I can hardly believe it, but it was exactly eight years ago today that TrivWorks was born. It’s been an absolutely unbelievable ride thus far, from pub quiz provider to the nation’s premier trivia company for corporate event entertainment. I thought it would be fun to take a quick jaunt down memory […]

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The Limits of Corporate Team Building Events

Corporate group bonding events
I’m sure you’re puzzled by the title of this blog post. After all, if you’re reading it then you’re probably looking for activities for a corporate event or meeting – something this Website (and company) is entirely devoted to. However, as I will explain there is more to these kinds of events than meets the eye, and planners and […]

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PRESS RELEASE! TrivWorks Partners with Know Your Crew App to Enhance Corporate Team Building Experience

Team building event app
Today, TrivWorks is thrilled to announce a special partnership intended to make our trivia team building events even more impactful. We have joined forces with Know Your Crew, a trust-building mobile gaming app designed to build relationships among small groups, to offer a truly unique experience like no other!

TrivWorks clients will […]

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Case Study: This Company REALLY Needs to Improve Employee Communication Skills!

Corporate activities ideas
My company, TrivWorks, has been producing employee team building events in NYC, Southern California and nationwide for nearly eight years. Our team trivia events are proven group bonding activities which address a variety of workplace issues. As such, I wasn’t surprised when I received an Email inquiry from somebody at a major […]

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How Well Do You REALLY Know Your Team?

Corporate team building events
Here’s a little fun fact about me you probably didn’t know (or I’m assuming you don’t know, because there’s a better-than-average chance we’ve never even met. Ah, the Internet…). As it turns out, I have perfect pitch. Here’s something else, though – I just found this out myself, and relatively recently!

First […]

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PRESS RELEASE! TrivWorks Announces Partnership with Gene Jones, “America’s Trivia Guy”

Gene Jones TrivWorks
Some exciting news to share! TrivWorks is delighted to announce that we have established a partnership with acclaimed trivia expert Gene Jones, a seasoned corporate event entertainer with over three decades of experience!

Called “America’s Trivia Guy” by the media, Gene is armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of memorized trivia about every conceivable […]

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TrivWorks in SoCal: What I’ve Learned After a Year Working with Remote Teams

Southern California trivia companies
One year ago – Independence Day 2016, to be precise – my wife and I embarked on the boldest journey imaginable, and by far the riskiest move of my life. After fifteen years of living and working in New York City, we “declared independence” from the East coast, and relocated to […]

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Don’t Be a Jerk! How to Leave the Office for Summer Vacation – the RIGHT Way

Team bonding ideas
Summer is officially here, and oftentimes this means the office will be feeling a bit…empty. Colleagues, clients, and hopefully you alike will be leaving for extended periods, to enjoy the warm weather or take the family away for a well-deserved break while school is out. The only problem is, business doesn’t stop […]

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How are You Monitoring Your Team’s Happiness?

Fun team building activities
Prior to starting my company producing team building events in New York City, Southern California & nationwide, I worked in the public relations industry. My life as a media professional began in graduate school, with a 6-month internship within the PR department of Jazz at Lincoln Center in Manhattan. It was […]

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How to Produce the Perfect Cross-Silo Team Building Event

Cross silo team building events
I’ve been giving some thought lately to what the most-requested needs for my services are. For almost a decade now, I’ve been producing team building trivia for corporate groups, catering to a range of motivating factors: the desire to boost employee morale, to improve communication and collaboration, to integrate new […]

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How Far In Advance Should I Plan My Team Building Activity?

Team building activities
I get this one a lot. A planner like yourself who is in need of a team bonding exercises for work calls me up, asking about our corporate trivia offerings. We’ll talk through the specific goals for the event, as well as the audience, service packages and so-forth. However, perhaps the most […]

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Team Building Should Be a Blast – Not a Burden

Southern California Team Building Trivia
Whenever people find out that I founded a trivia team building company, invariably one of the first questions I am asked is, “How did you get into this?” It’s a fun story, which you can read more about here – basically, I was working a full-time job in event programming, […]

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Employee Reward: Are You Giving It Out Fairly?

Employee reward team building activities
I’d like to begin this post with a brief story, one which I’ve often told to my friends and family, but have never committed to ink, digital or otherwise. So here it goes.

Fifteen years ago, I had just started my first semester of a 2-year master’s degree program in Music […]

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