Corporate Game Show Emcee: Star of the Show, or Facilitator of Fun?

Game show host corporate event
One of the things I’ve hammered away at for years here on my blog, as well as during my sales pitch, is the importance of having a professional emcee to host a corporate trivia event. Unlike bar quiz nights, where folks from the neighborhood are enjoying some informal competition and […]

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Creating Your Own Trivia Night: Can I Hire TrivWorks to JUST Emcee or Write Questions?

Create your own trivia night
I get a lot of the same questions asked…frequently. As such, I’ve long maintained an FAQ page here on my Website, which you can see in the header above. I’ve tried to strike a balance over the years, to make it both a practical resource for prospective clients without being […]

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Client Service: What REALLY Makes a Corporate Entertainment Vendor Stand Out

Corporate trivia event entertainment
What makes a great vendor “great?” Whether you need company party entertainment, interactive team building activities, or a corporate game show supplier, finding a reputable service provider means you’re looking for several important factors, among them:

A compelling, high-quality product
Experience and expertise
Depth and breadth of service offerings
Something unique, […]

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Choosing a TrivWorks Emcee: Who’s Best for YOUR Event?

Corporate game show hosts
So you’ve decided to go with TrivWorks to produce your company game show entertainment or trivia team building event – excellent! It’s going to be a laugh-filled, raucous affair, fully engaging and completely customized to your specific group and goals.

There’s just one more decision to make: who will the emcee be?

This […]

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When Should You Go With a Corporate Trivia Vendor That ISN’T TrivWorks?

Corporate trivia event game show
I am immensely proud of what I do. It’s taken almost ten years of extremely hard and dedicated work to get TrivWorks to where it is today, which is the industry-leading corporate team trivia game show vendor in the country. I’ve produced well over 1,000 events nationwide for some of […]

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TrivWorks CEO Notes: The 5 Work Modes I’m In at Any Given Time

Corporate trivia game show
A little while back, I wrote a blog post describing a typical day in the life of a corporate entertainment & team building vendor CEO, which you can read here. I think that post did a good job giving a brief overview of how I spend my time, which I shall […]

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6 Steps to a Stress-Free DIY Company Game Night

DIY Company Game Night
You’ve been tasked with planning a team building event or activity for a corporate party. Great! That means somebody – possibly you – realizes how critically important it is to recognize and reward staff and boost morale in the workplace.  

Unfortunately, it also means you must now add “plan company party” to […]

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Trivia Team Building Vendor: Who Would Want This Job?? (Spoiler: Me)

Trivia team building vendor
It’s not easy being my own boss.

This has been my full-time gig for over six years now, planning, producing & emceeing corporate game show team building trivia events in Los Angeles, New York, and everywhere in between. Prior to that, I was doing it on the side, while working as an […]

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5 Advantages of a DIY Trivia Party

DIY trivia night
Two weeks ago, we announced a brand-new service offering: TrivWorks DIY, a downloadable do-it-yourself trivia party. This concept has been in the planning for the better part of a year, and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about it! (Read the full press release here).

I know it must […]

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Treat Your Employees Well, Period

Building teams corporate events
People ask me all the time how I wound up here – how I found myself running a corporate team building event entertainment company producing trivia game shows. They naturally assume it’s because I’m a trivia lover or Jeopardy champion, but they’d be wrong – direly so.

I’m actually terrible at trivia. […]

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What I’ve Retained of My “New Yorkness” Since Moving to Southern California

SoCal team building activities
Nearly two years ago, in the summer of 2016, my family and I relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Long Beach, CA. Team building, corporate entertainment & game show trivia events know no geographic bounds, after all…

My wife and I saw this as a chance to offer our kids a better environment […]

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Why We Launched TrivWorks DIY – A Downloadable, Do-It-Yourself Trivia Package

DIY team building trivia game
A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to emcee a team building corporate trivia night in Long Beach, California. It’s been a little while since I personally hosted an event – lately I’ve found my days consumed by what I like to call “marketing mode,” “sales mode” or […]

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NEWS! Introducing TrivWorks DIY – A Downloadable, Self-Hosted Trivia Party Package

TrivWorks DIY
Some exciting news to share! We have just released a brand-new product: TrivWorks DIY!

We know that not every event calls for high-priced entertainment, and that customization, professional emcees and staffing aren’t cheap. Designed with corporate and private event planners on EXTREMELY tight budgets in mind, this downloadable, do-it-yourself trivia party package is an […]

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Common Misconceptions About a Corporate Trivia Company Founder

Corporate team building game show
“You do WHAT?”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this when explaining what I do for a living, I wouldn’t have to work at all.

Yes, it’s true: my full-time job is running trivia parties and game show events for corporate and private groups. I really am a […]

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TrivWorks Has NEVER Cancelled an Event – But When Might We Have To?

Entertainment corporate events cancellation policy
It’s the nightmare scenario.

You book a vendor to produce a corporate event entertainment or team building activity, and they back out on you at the last minute. Now you’re left holding the bag, scrambling to find a replacement or, even worse, explaining to your attendees why there’s now a big, […]

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