Corporate Training

Harnessing the Competitive Energy of Team Trivia to Promote Essential Workplace Skills

TrivWorks’ exciting new line of corporate training programs combines competitive team trivia with high-impact workshops, designed to improve specific workplace skills! Tailored to your individual group and goals, the expert use of targeted techniques and hilarious improvisational games built around a raucous customized trivia contest allows for these skills to be strengthened in an extremely effective and memorable way!

Rob Schiffmann HeadshotInstructor Rob Schiffmann is a corporate trainer with over 20 years’ experience designing and producing company training programs. He has led workshops and coached executives at many Fortune 500 companies nationwide, bringing quick wit and a deep expertise in skills development to bear across a wide range of learning environments.

An award-winning improvisation instructor and veteran corporate event emcee, comedian and interactive game show host, Rob’s highly engaging approach to training guarantees an exceedingly fun, laugh-filled experience for any group, which will have lasting positive impact back at the workplace.


The below programs are available in 2-hour, half-day, full-day or multi-day formats, and may be held individually or in combination with other programs in the series. TrivWorks corporate training is available for audiences of all sizes nationwide!

Communication Skills

Do you seek to improve the way your colleagues communicate with your clients, as well as with each other? Ideal for introverts and extroverts alike, our unique seminar combines practical exercises with team trivia and improvisation to emphasize the critical importance of active listening, nonverbal communication and body language, reveal effective use of agreement, and demonstrate proven techniques for “furthering the conversation.”

Presentation Skills

A team which presents well is a team you can trust in front of colleagues, clients and executives! Pairing practical presentation skills with laugh-filled team trivia and improvisation, your group will discover how to confidently employ public speaking, tone, movement, humor and more, as well as learn how to read the room and handle those unexpected moments in order to deliver professional, effective presentations.

Feedback Skills

Giving and receiving feedback can be daunting for employees and managers at all levels. Our distinctive seminar creatively uses humor and friendly trivia competition to address what may be an uncomfortable – yet essential – conversation. Your group will learn effective ways to give both developmental and motivational feedback, with an emphasis on structuring the feedback conversation, active listening, paying attention to body language, and the importance of accountability and trust in improving performance.

Effective Leadership

A team made up of leaders means more effective and efficient workflow, improved production, and happier clients! In this unique approach to one of the most essential workplace skills, we utilize a combination of practical exercises, team trivia and improvisation to help mold your group into effective leaders, with an emphasis on “big picture” strategic thinking, decision making, influencing, showing initiative, and holding others – and yourself – accountable.


Stories are an indispensable part of how we understand the world around us. They allow us to view interactions in seemingly unrelated contexts, and then tie them back to our own personal situations. Ideal for those in sales roles, this course combines traditional sales training with sidesplitting improvisation and competitive team trivia to demonstrate the fundamentals of effective storytelling. With an emphasis on understanding story structure, how to tailor a story to fit the appropriate context, and how to deliver that story to help close a sale, this workshop is like no training your team has ever had before!

A Note on Short Form Improvisation

The popular TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? made short-form improvisation a common household enjoyment. 5-7 minute improvised games such as “Improvised Blues,” “Jeopardy,” “Fill in the Blanks” and more are proven crowd pleasers, and make use of audience interaction for highly impactful skill development. We will expertly integrate these interstitial lessons in between rounds of trivia and lectures, guaranteeing an event filled with laughter and bold, audience-driven learning!