Trivia Events For International Groups

Trivia.International.Groups.jpgDo you have an international crowd which you need to entertain with a team bonding experience?

Are you concerned that non-native English speakers will struggle to participate?

Are you worried that attendees not from the U.S. will feel left out?

TrivWorks has unparalleled experience producing interactive team trivia events for international groups! By carefully tailoring the questions, we guarantee that the material is both relevant and culturally appropriate to your specific audience, creating a highly effective entertainment and group bonding experience. We have created events for small startup companies, to the United Nations!

With an emphasis on general knowledge and audience-specific material, we will use pop culture trivia sparingly – if at all. Pop culture questions shall NOT be American-centric; rather, we shall use material which is globally known, guaranteeing that the material is suitable and enjoyable for EVERYBODY in the room!

We can even put each trivia question up on screens, with our professional emcee speaking in a deliberate, unhurried tempo to allow clear comprehension for non-native English speakers.

In between team trivia rounds, we shall engage your audience in exciting ways which transcend borders: minute-to-win-it games, karaoke, magic/illusions, improvisation and more!

Team trivia is a proven means of engaging globally-mixed audiences. Our unmatched experience and expertise in this unique area guarantees that your ENTIRE audience will be fully engaged, participating and entertained from start to finish!

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