’ve been receiving a lot of requests lately from companies outside of the NYC metro area who are interested in fun Christmas trivia questions to ask employees at their holiday parties. While my company is in the business of producing corporate team building activities in New York City, for the sake of those in other parts of the country and the world who we can’t produce events for this Christmas, I’ve decided to get into the holiday spirit – specifically, the spirit of giving!

Here are 10 fun office-friendly pop culture trivia questions about Christmas. Feel free to use during your holiday party speech, to distribute once attendees are seated for dinner, or even to email around the office before your event, to get everyone excited about the party!

Try these out:

1 ) What was the name of the 1992 Christmas movie remake starring Kris Kristofferson and Tony Curtis, and directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger?

2 ) Who wrote the music for “The Nutcracker?”

3 ) Adopted in the show’s very first episode, what is the name of the Simpson family’s pet dog?

4 ) What was that movie where Billy Bob Thornton plays a bad Santa?

5 ) Which town does the Grinch steal Christmas from?

6 ) Which song does Hugh Grant dance through the Prime Minister’s residence to in the movie “Love Actually?”

7 ) Which NYC hotel does Kevin stay at in “Home Alone 2?”

8 ) What is the table lamp in the shape of in “A Christmas Story?”

9 ) What is the Abominable Snowman’s nickname in the claymation classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” TV special?

10 ) Featuring the voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas reprising their roles, what was the name of the 2007 “Shrek” television Christmas special? 


Enjoy your holiday parties, everyone! If you have any other great Christmas trivia questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below, ask us via Twitter @TrivWorks, or share them on our Facebook page!




1 )         Christmas in Connecticut

2 )         Tchaikovsky

3 )         Santa’s Little Helper

4 )         Bad Santa

5 )         Whoville

6 )         Jump – The Pointer Sisters

7 )         The Plaza

8 )         A Woman’s Leg

9 )         The Bumble

10 )       Shrek the Halls